Repurpose Existing Content to Create PowerPoints, Videos and Reach More Customers

24 Apr

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own Content Marketing staff, a team of writers that could meet your every content need?  For the majority of us, there is no Content Marketing staff.  Content development most likely falls under someone in marketing that already has a full plate of responsibilities or maybe it’s outsourced. One way to effectively extend marketing resources and the value of content is to repurpose it in different mediums.

I decided to repurpose my most popular blog article, Using Social Media to Generate New Product Ideas and Innovations to develop a PowerPoint presentation.  The presentation will be included as a video blog post, on SlideShare, my LinkedIn profile, the353group website and on YouTube.  Here’s how to do it.

Steps to Turn a Blog Article into a Presentation

Step One:  Find some really nice photography to capture the main ideas of the original blog article for the PowerPoint slides.  If you are ok with text-only, build your slides with the pictures, include text, save it as a PowerPoint Slide Show (PPS file) and you are ready to upload the deck to SlideShare and LinkedIn.

I recommend taking a few additional steps and add audio to the presentation. Audio adds personality and a richness to the presentation that far surpasses text-only and I believe that most viewers prefer to experience an audio-visual presentation. A mere 1.3M videos are viewed in an Internet minute (according to Intel’s recent In an Internet Minute infographic) so you can get some great visibility and traffic by turning that blog into video and uploading it to YouTube, the number 2 search engine after Google. If you decide to use audio with your slides, follow these next steps and consider lessons learned.

Step Two:  Script the presentation for narration.  The original blog post can be used to develop content for the script.

Step Three:  Narrate the slides.  This is a difficult task that should be routine but isn’t.  For me, it turned into a day and a half of fighting with my Mac, PowerPoint and the recording of the narration.

Lessons Learned

1. If you use a Mac, find a Windows PC to narrate your PowerPoint slides. Unless you know the iMovie application and can turn the PowerPoint into a movie, go find a PC. I have since moved my PowerPoint to the Windows PC to narrate and turn into a video file format.

Here’s why.  When using a Mac to record narration in PowerPoint, the Record Narration option in SlideShow randomly and without reason stops recording on a slide.  This occurrence has nothing to do with the individual slide itself.  If you attempt to go back and re-record the narration, the recording may stop on a different slide than it had during the previous recording.  This is a problem that other Mac users have experienced when attempting PowerPoint narration and there isn’t a good fix.

2. When using a Windows PC to narrate the PowerPoint, go to Record Show and with your script in hand, narrate your slides.  There are some very good YouTube videos that can walk you through the narration process step-by-step like, How to Record Narration for a PowerPoint Presentation For Dummies.

3. After you save the narrated PowerPoint file, save it in Windows Media Video format or .wmv file. How do you do that?  If you have Office 2010, you can convert the PowerPoint file by saving the file as a .wmv file.  That’s it.   If you don’t have Office 2010 or do not want to use the .wmv file format, you will need to use a third party utility to convert your file to another format (.avi, .mov, etc).

Once the file is converted, it can be uploaded  to YouTube, vimeo and to SlideShare Pro (for video) and LinkedIn via SlideShare.

Repurposing content provides an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise on other social media platforms and to reach more customers.  It’s a great way to make the most of your content.


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