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5 Good Reasons to Include Podcasts in Your 2012 Marketing Plan

20 Dec

Podcasts can add a new element of excitement to your marketing and social media efforts.  It’s another medium to reach your audience and share updates on your company or products, the industry, trends or insights.  The latest technology and new tools and services make podcasting easy to use and at a relatively low-cost to deliver.  Today, most podcasts are delivered on-demand and can be accessed from your website as either a video or audio file.  Any computer that can play media files can play a podcast.

Here are five good reasons to include podcasting in your 2012 marketing plan:

1. Creates Interest:  A new medium to deliver your marketing message can create new interest in and bring new life to your existing marketing content. Using audio and video to deliver content enhances the audience experience beyond printed text.

2.  Positions You as an Expert:  Consider delivering a series of podcasts that informs and teaches your audience on a topic that is relevant and of interest to them.  Providing helpful and useful content to your target audience furthers your relationship with them and your position as an expert in your field.

Businessman watching podcast3.  Reinforces Your Brand:  A human voice has the capacity to add inflection and an emotional element to your content vs. print. Using an appropriate voice that fits your brand further reinforces your brand strategy and messaging.

4.  Increases Reach:  Podcasts are accessible on-line at the demand of your audience.  This increases the reach of your marketing efforts beyond time-zones, work-styles and geographies.

5.  Builds Relationships and Trust:   People don’t have relationships with a company.  They have relationships with other people.  By giving a voice to your company, you humanize the experience between your target audience and your company.  They’ll be more likely to do business with you if they know and trust you.  Podcasting can further develop that trust.

As you look at including podcasting in your marketing and social media plans consider the following;  Podcasting should support your overall marketing strategy and plan and enhance your current marketing efforts with your target audience. Confirm that podcasting is an effective medium to reach them. Make sure you have the resources to update content and provide podcasts on a regular basis.


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You Can Do-It-Yourself Website

14 Nov

by Susan Lowe

Who needs to know XHTML or PHP code  to design and publish a website?  No one anymore.

Web hosting companies have been providing website builders for a while now, allowing customers to design, build and edit their own site without any special coding knowledge or skill.  Not only can you save a chunk of your marketing budget on the initial design of the site by doing it yourself but, you can make your own edits in real time – no need to pay a web administrator to do it for you.

The tools are free with most hosting services when you sign up. Some hosting companies offer a free trial service and most have some really great design templates ready to use.  And if you have the desire and the time, you can also customize most of the site.

Easy to use Site Builder Tools

Many of the tools allow you to easily add video, social media links, customized forms, and even PayPal to your site.  Intuit, a fairly recent entry into this space, has taken almost all of the frustration out of doing this yourself. Their easy to use SiteBuilder Plus is likely the result of Intuit’s years of experience perfecting the user interface with products Quicken and TurboTax.

The time to design and publish is quick. I completed my site in a few days.  I used the Intuit product and the interface was so good, I didn’t even reference a tutorial. Help is available from many of the web hosting companies and some are better than others.  If your comfort level is low, you will want to choose a host with good support that is included in the hosting fees.

Keep These Things in Mind when Building Your Own Website 

  • Check the website options and features carefully before choosing a hosting service -especially the Help Desk Support
  • Although templates are provided, you should have a good sense of design
  • Content is still King.  If you plan to you write your own copy, content should be written for your target audience(s) and include your value propositions.  Many of the templates provide helpful suggestions but, content is an area of marketing expertise that is not ready out of the box. Keep the content updated and fresh and optimize your content for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Many of the hosting companies provide help with SEO.
  • Your website is a reflection of your brand.  If you have a logo, include it.  Consider your brand as you choose a design template and customize your site and write the content.
  • Have someone whose opinion you respect review it before you go live – another set of eyes is always helpful.  Your website is your face to your customer and may be their first impression of your company.

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